Master Herbalist

About Us

Caerlion and Deirdre Arthur are the owners of Caer & Dee's Place, an Apothecary of Natural Remedies. 

Our philosophy is to help people heal themselves and provide the education &  information they need to make wise choices about their health.

Caerlion and Deirdre, opened the store in July 2005 as Roswell Center For Healing &Enlightenment in Roswell, NM, but soon moved into Monterey Flea Market on April 1, 2006  and opened under the name Caer & Dee's Place, an Apothecary of Natural Remedies.  It is now located, in Ste #2  in the Monterey Shopping Center for about 13 years. 

Carol Cheatham, also known as Deirdre Arthur (spiritual name) is the resident Master Herbalist, and is available to answer your questions.  You can email her:  In the Subject line put Question for Dee.

Natural Products

Why the name? Apothecary is another name for pharmacy, except this is God's pharmacy from the natural herbs of the earth. We pride ourselves in buying only natural products, keeping them at Organic and Certified Kosher.

Natural products such as herbs, essential oils are pure oils, sage; incense, bath & beauty-such as Desert Essence Shampoo and conditioner, glycerin, homemade soaps, body lotions, herbal baths; gemstone jewelry-bracelets, necklaces, chokers; and more.

Pain Creams

Caer and Dee's make our own pain creams, all natural cream base with essential oils into a synergistic blend. Our creams will relieve pain for general pain, Acute Pain Relief, for arthritis or muscles strain, Neuralgia for nerve damage and pain; Neuropathy for numbness with nerve pain, for those with diabetes. Severe or chronic pain we have Chronic Pain Relief, which is a combination of two creams to help with the severity of the pain. Fibromyaligia Ease for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia; and  finally MS Cream, this is made for people with neurological disorders however it is also an added touch to all the other creams for those who need just a little more relief.  This cream is made with Blood Brain Blocker Oils that help block the pain signal to the brain..

Medicinal Synergistic oil Blends:

  • Sinusitis
  • Depression and Guilt
  • Toothache Plus
  • Stress 2 
  • Stress 3,
  • Stop Smoking 2
  • Migraine Headache
  • Herbal Smoke Blends for healing the lungs and quitting smoking.
We also carry many other organic and natural supplements.  Feel free to ask about them when you stop in.

Once they added in Booth 3 to the store they have added in more Pagan and Wiccan products and have tried to cater to that part of the community and are working toward becoming a full service store for those faith's. © All Rights Reserved